Roof-Spec Management

Project Management Services

Roof-Spec will be pleased to act as your roofing projects representative and upon your request will be pleased to supply our continued services.

We offer 3 distinct “Roofing Project Management” roles.

  •  General Contract Manager – Direct Contract Firm Quotation: (Total Contract Direct with Roof-Spec)

    Normally used for CLIENT in-house roof repair/replacement contracts. Roof-Spec will offer our “Firm Contract Price” as a General Contract Manager on the job. By sub-contracting a portion of the installation contract to known and qualified reputable local roofing crews or companies (who we have worked with in the past). The installation only sub-contract price is (negotiated) with the roof installer and Roof-Spec supplies all other related costs on the project.

    This works very well, as our fees for inspections, consulting and reporting; right up to the final delivery of the completed contract are included in the contract.

    No extras or unknowns when Roof-Spec acts as your Contract Manager through our regular daily on-site inspections. Roof-Spec will ensure that all aspects of the roofing contract, inclusive of the materials installed, the actual installation and procedure methods themselves will exceed the required and stated material, installation specifications and standards.

  • General Project Manager – Roof-Spec – Invited Tender Contract: (Contract with Roof-Spec and Roofing Contractor)


    Normally used by Private Owners inviting their own roofing contractors. Roof-Spec will compile and forward to selected “Roofing Contractors” on the Owner’s behalf. Our short form specification and tender document package; (usually 12-30 pages) outlines the basic “Scope of Work” together with all the material and procedural specifications. General basic requirements for the contract including required warrantees, schedules, payments and completion hold-backs etc. These documents ensure that all invited “Roofing Contractors” bid the project on the same “Apples to Apples” basis; and account for and allow for all costs on the job.

    This will carry Roof-Spec’s standard fees for service; for the preparation of the documents, the tendering procedures, and the required onsite inspections and reporting during the roofing project. These fees are based on the contracts size, time to complete, and overall services by Roof-Spec.

  • Project Inspector and Consultant – Roof-Spec – Public Tender Contract:(Contract with Roof-Spec and Roofing Contractor)

    Normally used by “Public Owners” publically advertising for roofing tenders. Roof-Spec will compile and prepare our full long tender form, Request for Tender Documents (RFT). The RFT is usually a 50 pages plus document which sets out full public tender document package. This is required by projects using Public Funds i.e., Towns, Municipalities… and such. This form is usually required for larger projects well over the “hundred thousand” plus dollars of total contract.

    This will again carry Roof-Spec’s standard fees for service for the preparation of the documents, consulting services through the completion of the tender procedures. Standard fees for the required on-site roof inspections and reporting during the roofing project. These fees are formulated from the job size, time to complete and overall service by Roof-Spec. The fees normally range in the 7% – 10% of total contract not-including out of town expenses, if required.