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WHY use “Roof-Spec” as your independent roofing consultant

Being your Roofing Consultant, Roof-Spec can be your “Second Set of Eyes and Ears”
As part of our internal and independent consulting services to our clients Roof-Spec can review any previously obtained (third party) project documents to ensure that they meet with industry and manufacturer’s standards.

There are many types of re-roofing systems on the market today so it is very difficult to keep up with them all.
If you are a property manager, or building owner who is looking at alternative roofing system you will need an independent roofing consultant. Roof-Spec can review any documents and look at any recommended roofing applications, detail requirements, warrant-ability and overall design consistency supplied to you by others.

We can also provide the project quality control throughout the documentations and ensure a precise and consistent “Scope of Work” and “Material Specification” with any third party project/contract documentation.

Making sense out of multiple quotations to replace your building’s roof can be difficult especially if the bidding is not based on ‘Apples to Apples’.

Roof-Spec can help our clients make an educated decision regarding the best option for your roofing project.

We will compare any bids to the full “Scope of the Work” helping you determine which quotations best meets, not only your project budget but best meets the specific needs of your building.