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 Roof-Spec recommends as a minimum bi-annual inspection for every roof system. Far too often, the cause of a roof failure is the absence of sufficient roof maintenance due to no inspections. Periodic visual inspections and routine maintenance to find deficient conditions can significantly increase the long term service life of any roof assembly.
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Being your Roofing Consultant, Roof-Spec can be your “Second Set of Eyes and Ears”. Roof-Spec can review any previously obtained (third party) project documents to ensure that they meet with industry and manufacturer’s standards.
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Project Management

 Roof-Spec acts as a Project Manager to many of its long-term or in-house clients; completing the projects recommended by Roof-Spec’s inspection and consulting company. Roof-Spec is interested in commercial / property management projects within Edmonton and Northern Alberta.
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Moisture Surveys

 Roof-Spec utilizes thermal imaging cameras and industry specific moisture locating survey equipment to perform requested infrared roof moisture surveys. With these tools, we are able to “see” where the moisture is trapped within the roof system.  An infra-red or Tramex moisture survey can determine if and where detrimental moisture is in a roofing system. By making this type of determination, a building owner has more options with regard to the corrective action.

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